rolex Yachtmaster

The Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II – the main chronograph on the planet with a mechanical memory – embodies the tension of crucial minutes.

A regatta watch second to none, the Yacht-Master II is a basic apparatus for captains to measure their best game-plan.

Creative regatta chronograph

The Yacht-Master II’s striking and recognized marine character is solidly in accordance with the soul of the Oyster Professional watches. The regatta chronograph’s reasonable presentation embodies Rolex’s steady scrupulousness.

This inventive regatta chronograph offers to experienced mariners and lovers the same. With its one of a kind programmable commencement with a mechanical memory and on-the-fly synchronization, the Yacht-Master II makes a case for a glad spot in the esteemed line of Rolex Professional watches.

Commencement to the race

As in any challenge of speed, exactness is of the pith. The Yacht-Master II includes an exceptional mechanical capacity: a commencement that can be modified from 1 to 10 minutes and permits captains to accurately time and follow each race’s authentic beginning methodology.

This adaptability is one of the significant resources of the Yacht-Master II; its improvement was an extensive innovative test. The programming can be precisely retained. Moreover, when the watch’s commencement is propelled, it very well may be synchronized on the fly to coordinate changes in the official race commencement.

Ring Command bezel

Rolex accomplished flawlessness when it directed its concentration toward rethinking the reason and usefulness of the bezel. Normally, a bezel works autonomously from the inside instrument; be that as it may, the Ring Command bezel in the Yacht-Master II regatta chronograph works related to it.

As agreeable adrift as on board a boat, the Yacht-Master consolidates character and execution. The waterproof and strong characteristics of this model make it the perfect watch for water sports and cruising specifically.

The Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master is the main Professional model offered in three sizes: 42, 40 and 37 mm. The Yacht-Master’s Oysterflex wristband, created and licensed by Rolex, offers an energetic option in contrast to the metal arm bands without trading off power, water opposition or unwavering quality.

Bidirectional rotatable bezel

The Yacht-Master’s bidirectional rotatable hour long graduated bezel is made of valuable materials. The raised cleaned numerals and graduations stand apart obviously against a matt, sand-impacted foundation.

Numerous Rolex watches are accessible with the now-unbelievable blend of yellow, white or Everose gold and steel known as Rolesor, yet Rolesium is a creation explicit to the Yacht-Master. While the case and arm band are in tough Oystersteel, the bezel of the Rolesium forms is made of 950 platinum, granting a shimmering whiteness and dynamic glow for an undeniable feeling of extravagance.

Rolex has fashioned a favored relationship with yachting out of a characteristic fondness with this dynamic nautical game and now is the ideal time regarded values.

The Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master symbolizes the advantaged ties among Rolex and the universe of cruising that stretch back to the 1950s. Yachting has a style that the game’s cruel conditions can’t dark. Today, Rolex is the dedicated accomplice of the most lofty yacht clubs, organizations and regattas on the planet, offering the best expectations of greatness to the caretakers of yachting’s best soul.

Taking on the might of the seas requests fearlessness and an intrinsic feeling of experience. Mariners should completely get ready for all consequences before they set off, for they realize they will definitely confront terrible climate, harm to their vessel and any number of different episodes.

A few have headed out wearing a Rolex wristwatch chronometer, including Sir Francis Chichester, Bernard Moitessier and Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, who are known for being the first yachtsmen to finish solo adjust the-world journeys in less than a year.

Sir Francis Chichester

The main man to circumnavigate the globe from west to east solitary, will everlastingly be a piece of the historical backdrop of yachting. This unassuming man, likewise a business person and a pilot, exemplified the soul of cruising and experience.

Doused, scratched and hurled about like its wearer, his Rolex observe valiantly faced the blustery oceans. “During my journey the world over in Gipsy Moth IV, my Rolex watch was knocked off my wrist a few times without being harmed,” he wrote in a letter to Rolex in 1968.